Siblings. Am I Right?

The humans decided I needed a sibling. They thought I was lonely. I was not. OK, sometimes I did have to sing the song of my people and do my interpretive dance out outside their bedroom door at three in the morning but that is my artistic expression. It is not for the humans to decide if I am lonely or not. Only I get to decide my feelings.

The humans brought home a Tiny Cat. They told me she was a snek. She is not a snek. She is a cat. I may be an indoor cat but my cat detection skills are on point. I was suspicious from the beginning since I did not want (mostly) a sibling and I was given no say in the matter and then they lied to me about it.

But the tiny cat is here to stay whether I want her to or not.

Benefits of cat sibling:

  • Good at playing chase.
  • Has brought mousie toys into the house. Turns out I like mousie toys.
  • Tiny Cat’s bad behavior makes me look like an angel.
  • Sometimes licks my ears for me.
  • Good at sharing food.

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