Cat Rules #2

Cat Rule #2: When your sibling is bad, do a runaway and hide.

I am a good cat. I keep my paws perfectly clean and white. I have never, ever, yakked on anyone while they were asleep. And I do not steal things. Ever.

My new cat sister is bad. She goes all the way up the stairs and steals stuffies from the Tiny Human’s bed. Then she brings them back down the stairs and drools on them and gives them a toss in the air and a chew. The Big Human takes them away and puts them back in the Tiny Human’s bed but then my new cat sister just repeats the process all over again.

The Tiny Human does not want her to do this. They say their stuffies get crunchy (or is it crusty?) after being chewed on. The Big Human thinks it’s cute. It is not cute. It is bad. She should not do it.

It is hard sometimes when you are a good cat and your cat sibling is bad. I cannot stop her from being bad. I have tried.

She does not listen to me. You can see in her face that she does not care what I think.

When my cat sister does a steal I do a run away and hide. This way I cannot be blamed. I am not a stuffie thief.

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