Social Media and Catstagram

My sister cat has a Catsagram account. I do not have a catstagram account. I do not like to take selfies because my paws and big and fluffy and they never turn out right. But my little cat sister loves social media.

She likes to do bad things and post pictures. I worry that people will think she is bad all the time. She is not. She is mostly good and only sometimes bad, but she never posts pictures of her being good. I tell her that someday when she is older she might want to run for president of the cat council and then she might regret it. She said that she is a house cat and doesn’t go outside and she regrets nothing.

Social media is fun. But social media lives forever. I wish she understood that.

At least she does not count her likes, because she cannot count very well. I think if you do post things on social media it’s better not to worry about how many people like you or not. You should post for art’s sake and walk away. That’s what I do with my blog. I write to express myself. I don’t care if anyone reads it. I am a cat.

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