I’m an indoor cat. I’m good at being home all day. I know the best times to watch squirrels and the best places to nap. 

The human people are adjusting to this Stay at Home thing. They do this thing called school work in the mornings. When they are done, they are using the internets to learn to play guitar and how to draw other humans, which makes no sense to me when there are two perfectly fine cats to draw.

They also found a few games to play. I am not affiliated with these websites. That means I do not get any money from telling you about them. I just thought if you are bored and not a cat you might enjoy them. 

My humans are 12 and 14 years old, but if you are older or younger you might like them anyway. I am 8 years old and my cat sister is 2 years old but we both like to play Mousie Chase and to lick our paws. 

1. I’ve seen them use this Word Generator to play charades, Pictionary, or other games. It has different skill levels and categories.  An easy word is something like cat. A very hard word is something like lonliness. So I think cats humans of different ages could have fun with it. I have seen the humans laugh so hard they fall down. 

2. Lately the big and small humans have been playing Online Trivia together. They like the Miscellaneous category best. If you don’t have a second human to play with, you can play this game all by yourself. 

I must go take a nap now. If I observe the humans playing any other games I’ll let you know. 


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