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Dragon Brothers

Coming May 26, 2020

“Readers of all ages will thrill to the adventures of Rhinen and Laeb, the Dragon Brothers, and learn how there is a little—or in some cases a lot—of magic within everyone.”  —Jon Etter, author of A Dreadful Fairy Book 

While many people in the realm have magic—some can breathe underwater, sense people’s thoughts, or talk to animals— dragon children are rare. Unlike eye-color, wings aren’t inherited. No one can predict when or to whom a dragon child will be born. Their rarity means they are destined to rule. Rhinen and his older brother, Laeb were born with dragon wings, thus assuring their place on the throne. Laeb, the eldest has a clear path. When the next dragon king steps down, he will take his place. Younger brother Rhinen—well, no one knows exactly what to do with Rhinen. 

Meanwhile, a rebellion is brewing…

All children of the realm are tested for magical abilities on their fifteenth birthday. Those with magic—the Shaynen—continue in school, and those who don’t—the Klor—enter a life of service. The magic-born rule, and those without magic are second class citizens. That’s how it’s always been. Until now.

Rhinen’s easy life changes drastically when he is kidnapped by a group of rebels intent on bringing justice to the Klor people. In captivity, Rhinen meets Haia, a young dragon-girl. Together they discover a secret that could change everything, but first, Rhinen and Haia have to escape.

Featuring a nonbinary protagonist and lesbian side characters, Dragon Brothers offers a voice of inclusivity for children everywhere.

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Globetrotting Grandmas

While most kids have two grandmas, Laverne has four! This book is only about two of them–Gammy and Grandma Terry, a lesbian couple who travel the world and have all kinds of wacky adventures. Follow the Globetrotting Grandmas to Africa, Antarctica, Cuba, Paris, and the International Space Station.

35 pages.

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, or IndieBound.

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